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Leshang anniversary leading fashion brand discount online shopping New Wave

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March 7 , a time when fashion brand discount website Leshang (lesun001) anniversary of the occasion . In order to repay consumers , 100% genuine Leshang (lesun001) launched a series of promotional activities. Market price of about 3,100 yuan fashion boutique glasses, such as : Gucci, LV, Prada, Chanel, Cheap Raybans Chloe, Dior, Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss, Bvlgari, RayBan, Police, Porsche Design , etc., now as low as 2-3 fold. Sort of activity up to dozens of well-known brands , fashion designer merchandise discounts , sharing several hundred to several thousand dollars of concessions, in early spring , will undoubtedly set off a new wave of a fashion brand discount online shopping .

A variety of stylish new low 2-3 fold, 100% authentic licensed , Leshang (lesun001) your network purchase discount fashion brand merchandise is another new world. Leshang (lesun001) fashion brand discount online shopping site , which formerly had engaged in five years of home shopping company , he worked in the non-traditional physical sales platform to invest too heavily in commodities , so commodities supplier , presentation, market marketing, logistics and distribution, aspects of payment systems, customer service, and operating system companies have accumulated a lot of practical experience , and as such , the current sense of superior customer shopping experience …… in other similar sites .
Leshang (lesun001) is engaged in the Internet research and development work by a number of senior experts , and staff have many years of experience in the creation of Internet operations , and received the support of institutional investors and influential persons with the investment community .
Leshang (lesun001) fashion brand discount merchandise as the basic line, take limit buy sales methods , to establish an effective sales and service for the registration Rayban 2140 of private members business model , within a year , quickly won the approval of a large number of people and fashion online shopping follow. And nowadays some hit the market with a huge advertising different electricity supplier , the music still (lesun001) based products and services through word of mouth , and then capture the market, this low-key business model to be much more pragmatic , customer retention rates of 60% and nearly a thousand dollars off price sufficient to explain everything. Currently the number of registered members Leshang has reached more than 200,000 , most of which is spread through interpersonal obtained . It is reported that the next step , the music still shopping matching their upcoming fashion community , opinion leaders and build brand rings , fashion invited a large number of celebrities and movie stars , the interaction with the majority of music is still a member of one set of information and experience , main fashion brand , which will undoubtedly turn trigger a new round of electricity providers change.

Fashion brand discount online shopping abroad is also a new fashion shopping network, from the famous French to the UK NEA-A-PORTER.COM, the latter is a global luxury goods giant has just been acquired by Li Feng Group , case value of 225 million pounds . Through online shopping, so that consumers will be able to stay at home and enjoy online purchase their own popular brand goods , which saves time , but also less money in the form of discounts .
In recent years , the domestic online shopping industry has developed rapidly , a new online shopping patterns emerging, and ” limited sale ” is the latest trend of the moment one . What is a ” limit ” is actually a network seller to release some low price goods, a way of selling all buyers snapped up online in the same time period . Due to low commodity prices, often a shelves were sold out .

Leshang from inception adhere to the “limited buy ” to open the online shopping market breakthrough , also proved that the positioning is correct. Under designer glasses online consumers shop to buy at full price , bags , cosmetics, still be able to buy the music with the original 2-6 fold price. Consumers just have to be early to start shopping early to make a decision , because all sales of goods of the time limit , and even some commodities is limited, plus price, so it is easy to produce the commodity situation soon sold out of line .

Due to the rapid development of China’s luxury market , just a few years , China has grown to become the world’s second-largest consumer of luxury goods . Luxury goods in China has always been the law in the operation of 28 , 20% of the people owned 80% of people envy. This also led to a high-priced luxury goods in China ‘s image . High profits and lower cost mode of operation, the end result is consumers pay . Leshang worldwide procurement cost control advantage and science , brands Ray Ban Wayfarer closely with integrators , value for money is still making music every commodity has a huge advantage. Cooperation with the world’s leading logistics company FedEx , seven days return mechanisms, and ensure genuine commitment to leave a compensable three, plus about to start strategic cooperation with China Merchants Bank credit card , which measures the consumer ‘s point of view , is to prove Leshang a responsible and courage to play , the new fully electric commercial enterprises for consumers to consider.
In today’s fiery electricity supplier industry , who won the trust of consumers , who are more consumers to consider , will win the market . I hope the fashion brand discount Leshang road will be wider and wider .

Trend : Everything about sunglasses …

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Ray-Ban brand owner Luxottica Group launched 2011 Spring / Summer “NEVER HIDE” spread advertising blockbusters. This is an interactive evolution “NEVER HIDE” concept : have the courage to show themselves , frankly express their ideas and personality ; fact, true and unique values ​​remain loyal to the Ray-Ban brand has always been a tradition since 1937, the Cheap Raybans creation of gene . From 2009 to 2010 , NEVER HIDE large ad has adopted the protagonist of the story the way the product promotion, as the rare pattern (Rare Prints) series full of fantasy pattern highlights the brand icon General ; 2011 will show a remarkable pace big leap . NEVER HIDE publicity in the scene , we should no longer be asked to become the audience , but through direct interactive way to become the protagonist of a large advertising . In this way , the public and consumers are no longer spectators , but transformed into an actor.
Ad Campaign using a comprehensive portfolio of innovative media : from news to post advertisements , network, network video and public relations activities. Ray-Ban is directly involved in all looking forward to the new ad and get supporters NEVER HIDE blockbuster launch of the interactive experience .
NEVER HIDE will climax at March 19, 2011 , will be carried out simultaneously , ” frame ” (Frame) Ad Campaign launch event in the world twelve cities – Shanghai , Delhi , Istanbul, Berlin, Paris , Barcelona, ​​London, New York , Rio de Janeiro , Austin and Cancun . In order to make all participants around the world can interact with the NEVER HIDE , huge cloth sets the background – seven large advertising protagonist image – will be installed in each of these cities. They have become the protagonist of the video and picture sets , people can watch online by visiting the
In his face printed on ordinary young man “NEVER HIDE” words will become the protagonist of a large advertising to seven different interpretation of the theme . These young people will be integrated into a variety of different scenarios : TOMATINA, tomato festival in a tomato was thrown in all directions surrounding the girl , holding NEVER HIDE frame . MOTORCYCLE JOURNEY, completed a round the world tour boy standing beside a motorcycle, put hand NEVER HIDE frame shape for his journey and proud. PARTY DINGHY, when BUTTERFLY from the vessel, a group of young people are celebrating the BUTTERFLY . BANDAGED DRUMMER, drummer stood on the concert stage , holding NEVER HIDE frame while wearing a pair of Ray-Ban glasses. CONCERT FRONT ROW, rock concerts , two girls holding framed photographs, while the concert the audience cheered . SNEAKER COLLECTION, a boy with its impressive collection of sports shoes and proud , wearing a Ray-Ban optical frames and handheld NEVER HIDE frame jumping for joy. WATER GUN SHOOTOUT, the three partners in the streets of Los Angeles playing with a gun shooting each other , one of them holding NEVER HIDE frame .

Either way, people need a pair of sunglasses in the summer . Sunglasses UV spectral range of 0.4 microns or less occlusion rate can reach 99 % to 100 %, while the UV light is let your skin rapidly aging killer , especially terribly fragile skin of the eye . So big names were bored to sell us on their latest designs. The summer of 2007 , large frame and retro styles of the two elements is the most fashionable sunglasses have been far broke its original frame , which is to protect our glasses firewall, we also decorate the facade of the best fashion accessories .

That was in the 1950s , known as “the world’s teenage dreams ,” James Dean first pioneered the trend Rayban 2140 of celebrity sunglasses , he was wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses look brand is well known.

Since then , people understand, you want to start to start the same with star sunglasses . Beautiful Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holiday ” and ” Breakfast at Tiffany’s ,” the show, she was wearing a white border , the lens can cover his face almost as large bulky big glasses , eyes hidden deep Hepburn after the big lens , thousands of fans held their breath . Even today, 30 years later, this classic glasses still standing on the cusp of fashion trends .
Sunglasses quickly became the star of the registration label . John Lennon round rimmed glasses, Jacqueline Kennedy’s large female sunglasses, as well as well-known feminist activist Gloria Steinem , when dining in a restaurant when she was , she was wearing oversized aviator glasses , as well as Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai , he does not take off his sunglasses at any time. There are times in the interview that he had asked Zhu Zhaixiamojing he let viewers see the real Yan, Wang did not realize that the director does not even CCTV to face life and death also refused to pick , sunglasses along with Wong Kar-wai himself , became his cultural symbols .

Yong Ying mind the classic image

Who can forget Tom Cruise wears sexy aviator glasses in “Top Gun ” and when ? Who can forget now California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the ” Terminator ” in wearing sunglasses , holding thumb slid one begins dissolving pulp tragic ? Who can forget the ” Matrix” Liji Nu Reeves , wearing a black super , wearing a Chinese-style coat cool ? That is RAYBAN ( Rayban ) special forces sunglasses, specially the U.S. Air Force and prepared to block the high altitude violent light.

Jon Bon Jovi (Bon Jovi frontman ) wear sunglasses when you seem cooler, more rock, it is well known . Ray Ban Wayfarer Rich girl Paris Hilton has so many different styles of oversized sunglasses , cover their 2 / 3 is not a large face , people doubt that she was afraid that people could not recognize himself was so worn .

After Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to come together , each wearing the same style of total travel and memory frame glasses aviator glasses . Could not help but suspect that the person on the Jinzhiyuye children looking after each other , each eager to calm and peaceful family life.

Name of the people , like the sunglasses as cosmetic decorate in their face , ” Which now popular sunglasses ? ” Just go look on their face , you can search for answers. Wearing his ( her ) wearing sunglasses , I feel closer distance and a little star on ordinary people ‘s influence on the growth in such a simple parody ….

Ray-Ban sway legend contest

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Such a culture , such as Ray-Ban, got the love and support of countless people , it can even be traced back to the first half of the 20th century , and since then , Cheap Raybans wearing a pair of Ray-Ban, on behalf of the taste, status and personality, well-known showbiz big ( such as Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn) are Ray-Ban fans. Even today, in Hollywood , Ray-Ban is still one of the most photographed brand.

Ray-Ban is impressive , a lot of factors , but the most important thing is legendary with its own , which make Ray-Ban sunglasses come with each pair unique temperament.

Ray-Ban ‘s development process, it is the legendary source – abjection and its German- American friend , Dr. John Henry Fallon Bausch & Lomb created the first, and later the Air Force Lieutenant requirements should be developed out of the world first Vice- suited pilots wear sunglasses, it was named the U.S. Air Force as a ” leader .” After that , Ray-Ban is celebrating its rage on the course , in 1936 , it is said , the United States , almost all men have a Ray-Ban.

It is with a sense of fatalism standard legend, but we can be sure that Dr. Henry John Fallon , before the creation of Bausch & Lomb , in any case would not think of Ray-Ban launched after a wave of how much. Confused with stick in hand in the process, they end is a success . So, although Ray-Ban is legendary, Rayban 2140 but the creation of the legend , but also the extraordinary ordinary people. Therefore , Ray-Ban than anyone else to encourage people to share their stories , each story of each individual , are likely to become a legend .
By ” sway Legends” contest, we seem to only begin to address the details of life , we seem to dialogue with their first time and found that in fact filled with legendary everyone’s daily lives. Game warm response , is the best refraction.

Are you willing to share stories , telling the legend , Ray-Ban will be welcome , so , in order to allow more love with Ray-Ban, also love to share their lives with friends legend , Ray-Ban decided to ” sway Legends” contest extended Ray Ban Wayfarer by one week time within which an additional seven days , how many will be interesting , touching , hot …… saga emerged ? we’re looking forward . You have not yet participating , please hurry to share your legendary story , upload it works !

Ray-Ban and 7 will eventually appear in the Ray-Ban 75 anniversary poster classic Wayfarer to seven works travelers get the most ” favorite ” friends.